Bad Timing Costs Player at BetOnline Poker Almost $20,000

Bad Beat Jackpot at BetOnline Poker

We all make mistakes when playing online poker, and some of them will be expensive mistakes. However, few will be as expensive as the mistake made by a player at BetOnline Poker last Saturday evening, who sat out from his cash game just before the Bad Beat Jackpot was won. Their bad timing cost them nearly $20,000.

Last Saturday, the Bad Beat Jackpot was won at BetOnline Poker when two players on a $5.00/$10.00 Jackpot table both made a Straight Flush. Due to the way in which the Jackpot pool is distributed, each player dealt into the hand – as well as each player playing at other Jackpot tables – wins a share of the Jackpot pool.

Unfortunately for one player – “whiskypoker” – he or she was sitting out from the table at the time the Jackpot was won and missed out on their share of the pool – a share that would have been worth $19,520. The player´s share was distributed among three other players who had been dealt into the hand – increasing their winnings to $26,025 just for being in the right place at the right time!

Considering the BetOnline Poker Bad Beat Jackpot has been won just five times since it was launched in December 2016, this is the third time players have lost out on a share of the prize pool due to their bad timing. [geolink href=”″]In May last year[/geolink], “fish2016” missed out on $16,377 by sitting out at the wrong time; and, [geolink href=”″]in January[/geolink], two players went AWOL from a Jackpot winning hand – costing each almost $37,000!

How the BetOnline Poker Bad Beat Jackpot Works

The BetOnline Poker Bad Beat Jackpot is funded by a small deduction from the pot at dedicated Jackpot tables with blinds of $0.50/$1.00 and above. When a player loses a pot with a qualifying hand, they collect 20% of the Jackpot prize pool, while the winner of the pot receives 12.5% of the Jackpot, and another 12.5% is distributed between the remaining players dealt into the hand.

From the rest of the Jackpot pool, 12.5% is shared among players competing at other Bad Beat Jackpot tables, 12.5% is taken in administration fees, and 30% goes towards funding the next Jackpot. Consequently, although the Bad Beat Jackpot was only won last Saturday, there is already more than $200,000 in the current Jackpot prize pool.

The reason for the prize pool being distributed only among players actively competing at Jackpot tables (i.e. not sitting out) is to prevent a scenario in which players join dozens of tables and simply sit out of the action waiting for the Jackpot to hit. It is a sensible rule, but that will be no consolation to “whiskypoker and the other players who have missed out due to their bad timing!

Will You be Sitting In When the Next Jackpot Hits?

Sitting out from cash games at BetOnline Poker is starting to become expensive for players, and – due to changes recently made by the site – the Jackpot will likely be won more frequently in the future. Now, the longer the Jackpot goes without being won, the qualification is reduced. So, whereas the current qualifying hand to win the Bad Beat Jackpot is Quad Jacks, expect the criteria to be relaxed to Quad Tens within a couple of weeks, then Quad Nines and so on.

If you would like to share in the next BetOnline Poker Bad Beat Jackpot, visit the site today. Although there is no guaranteeing when the right cards will fall at the right time, all your action at the cash tables will contribute to your position in the weekly cash race and – if you have not yet made your first deposit – towards clearing the [geolink href=””]BetOnline Poker bonus[/geolink]. Just make sure to play at the Jackpot tables if you want a chance of sharing in the next Bad Beat Jackpot, and it could be a good idea to visit the bathroom before you start playing – taking a comfort break when the Jackpot next hits could be very expensive!