Bad Beat Jackpot Swells to Over $536,000 at BetOnline

One of online poker’s largest Bad Beat Jackpots has crossed the half-million dollar threshold as BetOnline looks to give away some very life-changing money.

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Bad Beat JackpotOne of online poker’s largest Bad Beat Jackpots has crossed the half-million dollar threshold as BetOnline looks to give away some very life-changing money., one of the more established brands in both the online poker and iGaming world in general, recently announced that their famed Bad Beat Jackpot promotion has swelled to well over $500,000.

Before they started one of the most popular “spectacles” in the industry with their Bad Beat Jackpot promo, BetOnline was known for their renowned sportsbook. They’ve dedicated their resources to bringing some of the best sports betting odds and bonuses to their customers, and have done so since 1991.

As their brand became bigger with their sports and casino endeavors, BetOnline quickly started to become a rising star in the online poker spectrum. Since the launch of their poker room just a few years ago, the site has seen immense growth and traffic at the cash game, sit n go and tournament levels.

This growth has only risen exponentially with their sizable new player deposit bonuses and reputation for having some of the fishiest poker tables out there (you can thank the plethora of sports bettors and bored casino degens to thank for that).

Pair this with over a half-million bucks on the line for their Bad Beat Jackpot, it’s no wonder that [geolink href=””]BetOnline[/geolink] continues to keep things interesting for its players and has always had a penchant for keeping up positive press in the news.

And remember, BOL accepts players from not just every single state in the USA, but also from most locations around the world. The company is fully licensed and their software is easily one of the best we’ve played on, both for poker and their dedicated sportsbook and online casino.

How the Bad Beat Jackpot Works

Bad Beat Jackpot tables are nothing new to the industry as a whole, as sites like Carbon Poker, Titan Poker and many other notable names either still run similar promos or have since ceased doing so to focus on other parts of their respective businesses.

As far as BetOnline is concerned, the site dedicates many of their tables to this particular promotion, which are marked as such in the cash game lobby. The Bad Beat Jackpot tables take a certain amount of rake from the players, which is then is fed into the progressive jackpot pool, which only increases as more traffic start playing at those particular tables.

BetOnline has been running this BBJ promo for a few years now, with the most recent winners taking home anywhere from $137,000+ in February of this year to almost $230,000 just a few months later in May, 2017.

Judging by the dates from which it was hit already in 2017, the Bad Beat prizepool quickly fills back up to ensure that the promotion is always alive and well. It is also clear that it doesn’t take a very long time for someone to hit it, with 3 players already taking home well over $517,000 in cash alone with their bad beat hands THIS YEAR ALONE!

The “BBJ” works as follows at BetOnline:

  • You MUST play at designated Bad Beat Jackpot tables, which are marked clear as day when you fire up the BetOnline poker software.
  • To qualify as a “bad beat,” you must be holding at least 4 Jacks or better at showdown. If this hand is beaten by something better you will instantly win a very large share of what will be estimated at least 6-figures alone for the losing hand.
  • Both the winner and loser of the hand at showdown will earn the most sizable portion of the BBJ (5% to the player with that bad beat and 15% to the actual winner of the hand), of which 27.5% will go back into the pot to get the next Bad Beat promotion activated.

The above numbers are of course a bit vague as we can’t guesstimate what the Bad Beat Jackpot will amount to by the time it is actually hit; however, below are the actual percentage breakdowns of what portions of the Bad Beat prizes will be allocated to (admin fees included):

  • 5% will be awarded to the player with the bad beat hand (the “loser” – oh the rich irony of that moniker).
  • 15% of the pot goes to the actual winner of the hand.
  • 15% of the the pot is split among ALL players at the table by the time the Bad Beat is hit.
  • 5% of the pot is split among all players at EVERY Bad Beat table when the prize is hit.
  • 5% is put back into the next BBJ so the progressive is always running around the clock for players competing for the next Bad Beat Jackpot hand.
  • 10% of the jackpot itself goes towards administrative fees at the site itself.

BetOnline Has Other Incentives for its Players Besides the BBJ Promotion

Signing up for an account at not only allows you to become eligible to start playing at the many Bad Beat Jackpot poker tables, but you also become a part of a site that actually cares about its players and also offers tons of incentives to join.

For one, they have some of the best bonuses in the industry, especially if you’re just looking for a good bonus and a great gaming environment in general. These bonuses include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • A 100% poker bonus up to $2,500 on your FIRST real money deposit.
  • A 50% sportsbook bonus up to $2,500 should you prefer to bet on sports.
  • Numerous casino bonuses (standard welcome bonus, video poker and slots included) from $50 all the way up to $1,000.

BetOnline provides the best software in the industry, as well as a live casino and an online poker platform that rivals that of any site out there today. They are 100% licensed and their RNG is tested all the time to ensure all games are fair.

If you’re looking for one of the best overall games in town, BetOnline is the place to be. Great customer service, amazingly fast and responsive software and super fast payouts are just a few of the many staples of Get your account today!

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