Bad Beat Jackpot FINALLY Hit at BetOnline!

The infamous Bad Beat Jackpot was finally taken down this past weekend when a player holding 4 Jacks ran into an opponent’s flopped straight flush at BetOnline Poker.

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Bad Beat Jackpot at BetOnline Poker

The infamous Bad Beat Jackpot was finally taken down this past weekend when a player holding 4 Jacks ran into an opponent’s flopped straight flush at BetOnline Poker.

In a story that has seemed to have carried its own particular legend for most of 2017, the BetOnline BBJ was at LONG LAST taken down just one week into the new year!

That’s right, after numerous updates on PNR and multiple gaming news outlets all around the world, the ever-growing BOL Bad Beat Jackpot was finally won at a $1/$2 table on January 7th, 2018.

The total BBJ pot had literally swelled to almost $1 million before the following hand occurred between “Tyrant” and “pokerplayer4ever”:

#256176739: Texas Hold’em NL ($1/$2 USD) – 2018/01/07 20:04:26 UTC
Table ‘BAD BEAT JACKPOT $1/$2 – 6 Seater #1710’ Seat #1 is the button

Seat 1: pokerplayer4ever ($207.39 in chips)
Seat 2: matter1734 ($200 in chips)
Seat 4: shara02 ($215.67 in chips)
Seat 5: Tyrant ($200 in chips)
Seat 0: (seven) ($80 in chips) (SitOut)
Seat 3: Bimaxa ($200 in chips) (SitOut)

matter1734: posts small blind $1
shara02: posts big blind $2

*** PREFLOP ***
Tyrant: raises $5
pokerplayer4ever: raises $18
matter1734: folds
shara02: folds
Tyrant: calls $13

*** FLOP *** ( 8 9 J )
Tyrant: checks
pokerplayer4ever: bets $10.17
Tyrant: calls $10.17

*** TURN ***  ( 8 9 J] [4 )
Tyrant: checks
pokerplayer4ever: checks

*** RIVER *** ( 8 9 J 4 ) ( J )
Tyrant: checks
pokerplayer4ever: bets $179.22 and is all-in
Tyrant: calls $171.83 and is all-in
pokerplayer4ever: uncalled bet $7.39

*** SHOW DOWN ***
pokerplayer4ever: shows ( Q 10 ) (a straight flush, Eight to Queen)
pokerplayer4ever collected $399.50 from main pot
Tyrant: shows ( J♠ J♣ ) (four of a kind, Jacks)

Bad Beat Jackpot Hand!

Tyrant has won $273,382.82 (HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!)
pokerplayer4ever has won $149,018.49
matter1734 has won $74,509.25
shara02 has won $74,509.24

*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $403. | Rake $3. Jackpot fee $0.50.
Board ( 8 9 J 4 J )

What I LOVE About This Bad Beat Story

Bad Beat JackpotIt certainly seemed like this particular Bad Beat Jackpot was just going to keep mooning to well over a million dollars before some lucky soul finally hit it. As a poker player, I know that it was very cool watching that ticker rise more and more by the second as the amount of the BBJ just kept rising exponentially at BetOnline.

And seriously, what a cooler of a hand! $273k for losing with QUAD JACKS and a $150k spot for “winning” with a flopped straight flush. Just an unreal setup that was punctuated with an even more unreal river card! Life-changing money changed hands for all the players involved (foreshadowing is forthcoming…).

The fun part about writing this little story is not just seeing the staggering amounts of money being shipped off to everyone involved in the hand, but it’s also seeing the same aforementioned staggering amounts of money NOT being shipped off to the two players sitting out…

You have to figure that “Bimaxa” and “(seven)” might be kicking themselves in the asses for sitting out during this monumental hand, as it costed them each about $37,000! That’s because in order to get the 15% split of the remaining table share of the BBJ, you have to ACTIVELY be involved – aka NOT sitting out!

If I’m “matter1734” and “shara02” I’m probably dedicating a decent little bounty to some badass internet sleuth and finding the identities of those two other players that sat out, hunting down their addresses and sending them flowers and a “Thank You” card every year on January 7th just to commemorate their accidental mishap for all-time…because, why not? Hehe.

The Next Bad Beat Jackpot COULD BE YOURS

No, seriously. It really could be.

The Bad Bad Jackpot INSTANTLY resets itself the very second it’s won. The people at BetOnline do not mess around when it comes to this, as it ensures even more and more action at their slightly higher-raked BBJ tables.

If you’re familiar with how some of their Bad Beat formula works – and actually suffer through the many BBJ posts we throw up regarding this awesome promotion – then you’ll realize that 27.5% of the previous BBJthat is won is actually re-seeded into the next one.

So, at the time of this article the new Bad Beat is already at over $280,000 and growing! All you have to do to get involved is sign up for a BetOnline account through our unique PNR links, deposit and start playing for real money today.

The BBJ tables are easily marked once you login to your account via the main lobby on your laptop or desktop computer, and they can be found just as easily if you’re accessing BOL or any of their skins on your smartphone or other applicable mobile device.

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