Astedt Wins Millions as Superstorm High Roller, More Events Wrap Up

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Niklas Astedt, who goes by the online moniker “tutten7” has managed to win an 888poker’s event that’s part of the Millions Superstorm series. It was a high roller event that required the buy-in of $530, and Astedt managed to win the biggest slice of the prize pool – a total of $23,000.

Astedt is one of the best online poker players. He was previously ranked #1 on the online leaderboard by PocketFives, and is currently ranked in fifth place. Nevertheless, Astedt continues to dazzle the online poker world with impressive performances in various online tournaments. He has managed to win more than $21 million from playing online poker tournaments.

Apart from the Swedish player, there were plenty of great winners who topped events recently at 888Millions Superstorm, including the Ryan Plant, Carlos Acosta Silva, Matthew Price, Ronan Sweeney, Antony Herrman, Alexey Ivanov, and Vangel Apostolov.

888Millions $530 High Roller Overview

The event that Niklas Astedt won required the buy-in of $530 and offered a total of $100,000 in guaranteed prizes. There were a total of 165 entries in the event, but Astedt was the one to win it and receive the final prize – a total of $23,000. This is one of the biggest first-place payouts, but not the biggest one; that honor currently belongs to the player nicknamed “nagidh,” who managed to win the 888Millions High Roller for a total of $25,000.

Let’s check some other events that were part of the 888Millions Superstorm and took palace during the last three days.

Other Important Events at Millions Superstorm

The $33 BIG Fish came with a total of $12,000 in guaranteed prizes and took place on October 5. A total of 417 entries applied, creating the prize pool that’s just a bit above the guaranteed prize – $12,510. The winner was Carlos Acosta Silva from Peru, who uses the online nickname “MagicClaw.” His award was $2,421.

Another event with $12,000 in guaranteed prizes was the $109 Mega Deep that also started and ended on October 5, with 138 entries applied and the total prize pool of $13,800. The first place belonged to “EVgen32” from Latvia, who managed to snatch a total of $3,450.

The $33 R&A event offered a total of $25,000 in guaranteed prizes and saw a total of 399 players apply. The event, which took place on October 5, saw a Finnish player nicknamed “Kaamsox” win a total of $4,798 after topping the field.

After that, there was a $5.50 Mini R&A, which offered $15,000 in guaranteed prizes and attracted a total of 869 entries. In the end, “IaskedNicely” from the UK had an opportunity to win the main prize, which was $2,700.

One more event that is definitely worth mentioning is the $55 Mini High Roller that offered $30,000 in guaranteed prizes and attracted a total of 559 entries. The popular UK online poker player Ronan Sweeney managed to top this event, winning a total of $5,757.

There was also the $16,650 BIG Fish event that took place on October 6, which attracted a total of 849 entries. The prize pool was $15,000, and Matthew Price, who goes by the online nickname “ProPriced” has managed to win in this competition, receiving a total of $2,813 as the main prize.

There was also a $33 BIG Fish event on October 6 for $12,000, and “mattism23” from Russia managed to beat the field of 337 entries and win $2,167 after striking a three-way deal with the other two players that remained in the final table.