Anonymous Poker Series Set to Launch Next Month

Bodog’s Anonymous Poker Series is set to launch at the beginning of 2013.

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Anonymous Poker Series Set to Launch Next MonthOnline poker players are looking forward to the start of 2013 for many reasons, especially since Bodog’s Anonymous Poker Series is set to launch at the beginning of the year.

The anonymous poker system, considered by the group to be the perfect recreational player model, is also used at the US facing Bovada online poker room which has become such a popular hive for players from North America.

The yearlong Anonymous Poker Series will include both live and online poker events which will take place mainly in Asian cities. The grand finale of the series will take place in the Philippines capital, Manila in January 2014.

The Anonymous Poker Series ensures that the identity of players remains anonymous, meaning that there is no place in the series for traditional features such as leader boards, for example.

The full schedule of the Asia-centric Bodog Anonymous Poker Series will be listed in the opening days of the New Year, the site has promised.

Controversial Anonymous Player Concept

In the past, Bodog and Bovada have been slammed for using the anonymous player system, as it means that players are not able to track potential collusion between other players at their tables. However, the online poker rooms believe that the advantages of this system outweigh the disadvantages and believe that players at their sites can rest easy that sophisticated third party software packages aren’t being used against them.

Our anonymous tables take this unfairness out of the equation, creating a much better experience for the leisure player,

said the Managing Director of the Bodog Poker Network, Jonas Odman. When Bodog and Bovada introduced the anonymous player feature, they explained their move as follows:

This feature stops poker pros accessing any data on how you play your game visa the use of HUD’s and other data mining sites…

The sites said that the feature was totally unique to the Bodog Poker Network, and promised that the move would send shockwaves through the online poker playing network. As such, players remain divided over the use of this system.