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Americas Cardroom “Pulse” Posts Player Results in New Format

US-facing Americas Cardroom has expanded how it publishes tournament results with a new section called “Pulse” that reveals who’s crushing the MTTs.

Americas Cardroom

US-facing Americas Cardroom has expanded how it publishes tournament results with a new section called “Pulse” that reveals who’s crushing the MTTs.

The ACR Pulse can be quite useful as it provides valuable information in several different categories, allowing players to keep track of the success – and failures – of their opponents. Currently supporting five different “Widgets”, Pulse has the ability to show the latest scores of players over three separate and distinct time periods.

The Widgets presently in operation allow searches of the Top 100 MTT Cashes, the Top 100 MTT Winners, the Most Final Tables, and the Most Bubbles. Soon to be added and perusable will be the Top 100 Jackpot Poker Games.

Among those categories, players can filter the length of time of their search, choosing among Yesterday, the Last 7 Days, or the Last 365 Days. It gives players a good idea as to who might currently be enjoying a good run at the tables, as well as who has shown stability and consistency over various periods of time.

Of course, results of individual tournaments have long been available for those who desired to search in that way. But never before has the information been collated in such a fashion as Americas Cardroom has now done with their new ACR Pulse.

Transparency, not Anonymity

While a number of poker sites have been leaning more toward player anonymity and taking steps that restricts providing information on players, Americas Cardroom and its sister sites on the Winning Poker Network (WPN) seem to be heading in the opposite direction. The new Pulse feature seems to fall in line with a new strategy at the network that’s aimed at complete and absolute transparency.

It was just last month that WPN announced that it was on a mission to ban bots from the poker tables and that the names of said bots would be published, with affected players receiving financial reimbursement. An account from Latvia using the screen name of “FoxRox” was the first bot called out and players received refunds of more than $175,000.

Since that time, 40 more bots have been banned, most of the accounts emanating from Europe. Including FoxRox, more than $1.1 million has been reimbursed to players affected in the WPN bot scandal.

Feedback Welcome

With the addition of Pulse, it’s simple to see exactly where the big tournament prize money is landing. And soon, once Jackpot Poker games are added to the equation, players will know where the jackpots are going as well.

It’s extremely beneficial to see how other players are doing. It’s also a feather in the cap of players who are performing well as their skill and prowess on the tables will be plain for all to see.

The ACR Pulse section includes a Feedback box that allows players to leave comments – good or bad – about their thoughts on the new tool. Players who would like some more ranking categories added can certainly say so.