A Feast of Satellites for Ignition´s SMPO Main Event

If you are aiming to play in this Sunday´s $400,000 guaranteed Super Millions Poker Open, there is a feast of satellite opportunities running at Ignition Poker.

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Super Millions Poker Open 2019

Super Millions Poker Open at Ignition Poker

If you are aiming to play in this Sunday´s $400,000 guaranteed Super Millions Poker Open, there is a feast of satellite opportunities running at Ignition Poker.

This coming Sunday, the Super Millions Poker Open draws to a climax with a $400,000 guaranteed Main Event. To date, the series has been sensationally successful – with many of the feature tournaments smashing their guaranteed prize pools by up to 50% – and the likelihood is the Main Event´s guarantee will be a distant memory by the time late registration closes 3½ hours after the scheduled start time of 5:19pm (ET).

In theory, the only factor that might stop players entering the Main Event is its $450 buy-in. However, Ignition Poker is giving players every chance of winning a seat for a fraction of the buy-in by hosting a feast of satellites and sub-satellites with buy-ins starting at just $4.40. Furthermore, if you don´t have the time to qualify ahead of the Main Event, Ignition Poker will be running last chance satellites right until the end of late registration.

More about the SMPO Main Event

The SMPO Main Event has a lovely structure. Players start with 15,000 chips and blinds of 10/20. Levels increase every fifteen minutes, and antes are not introduced until Level 8. There are no re-buys or add-ons, but players can re-enter up to twice if they get knocked out before the end of Level 14. By the end of late registration, the blinds will be 500/1,000 (ante), so there´s a little breathing room for players who win a seat in a last chance satellite.

Due to the long late registration period, the fifteen minute levels, and the likelihood there will be more than a thousand players taking part, don´t expect an early finish. A tournament of this type usually takes more than twelve hours to complete, and since Ignition Poker modified its payout structure (so that at least 20 percent of the field cashes), there is no acceleration of action once the bubble has burst. If you do qualify for this event, make sure you have plenty of coffee by your side!

Qualifying for the SMPO Main Event

There are numerous routes available to the target event, and as I mentioned sub-satellites starting at $4.40, let´s start with that one. The $4.40 sub-satellites are actually advertised as “Satellite to any $25 + $2.50 SMPO Event”, and you could – if you won a $27.50 ticket – use it to enter any SMPO tournament with that buy-in. You could also use it to enter a satellite to any $215.00 SMPO event, or to enter one of the twice-daily Main Event satellites.

You could also buy-in directly to the $27.50 Main Event satellite, or – if you would rather compete against a smaller field – play in one of the $55 or $82 buy-in satellites taking place each night. There is also the option of playing in a 6-Max winner takes all Sit & Go, but these have been slow to fill over the past few days and are only likely to get populated quickly towards the start of the target event. Also just prior to the start of the target event, Ignition Poker will be running last chance satellites.

Only the last chance satellites, the late satellites on Saturday evening, and the early satellites on Sunday morning have a guaranteed number of seats up for grabs. These range between one seat and ten seats depending on the buy-in and time of day. Historically, the last chance satellites have tended to pay more seats than their guarantees because they are so well supported, so it is unlikely there will be any opportunities to extract some value from these being undersubscribed.

Make Sure You Don´t Miss Out on a SMPO Main Event Seat

Ignition Poker is really pushing the boat out to get as many players qualified as early as possible for the SMPO Main Event, but it is likely there will be a big rush for seats as the target event approaches. Make sure you don´t miss out on a SMPO Main Event seat. Visit Ignition Poker today while the site is quieter, and win your seat in the target tournament from as little as $4.40.