888Poker Running New Year Fortune Trail Promotion

888Poker has launched a new “Fortune Trail” promotion in which players complete “Golden Step Challenges” in order to progress along the trial and collect prizes as they go. Players who reach the end of the Fortune Trail could win a cash prize up to $250,000.

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Fortune Trail at 888Poker888Poker has launched a new “Fortune Trail” promotion in which players complete “Golden Step Challenges” in order to progress along the trial and collect prizes as they go. Players who reach the end of the Fortune Trail could win a cash prize up to $250,000.

888Poker´s has just launched a new challenge-based promotion for the New Year called “Fortune Trail”. Less complicated than many of the site´s recent promotions, all players have to do is complete up to three daily challenges to progress along the trail. As each challenge is completed, a random prize is awarded. Additional prizes can also be won by reaching “Treasure Chest Milestones”.

Players who complete the Fortune Trail by the end of the promotion (5th February 2018) will win a cash prize of up to $250,000. Like most 888Poker promotions, Fortune Trail is designed to appeal to players of all bankrolls and skill levels. Also like most 888Poker promotions, everybody who has made a real money deposit into their 888Poker account can win prizes just by taking part.

Get on the Fortune Trail and Win Prizes

The Fortune Trail promotion is available on all versions of the 888Poker software. Each day a player logs into their account, they will see a pop-up box informing them of their first “Golden Step Challenge” that day. As soon as the challenge is completed, a random prize is awarded and a new challenge is issued. There are 100 challenges to complete in total and up to three challenges can be completed each day.

One of the best things about this promotion is that uncompleted challenges are not carried forward to the following day (a “day” runs from midnight to midnight GMT). Therefore, if a player is issued a “Golden Step Challenge” they do not like, they can ignore it, allow it to expire, and receive a fresh challenge the following day up to challenge #90.

After challenge #90, the final ten “Golden Step Challenges” can be completed concurrently, giving players who have fallen off the pace the opportunity to catch up and complete the trail before the end of the promotion. The “Golden Step Challenges” players will be issued along the Fortune Trail include (minimum buy-ins and staking requirements may differ according to each player´s previous history):

Play Tournaments Challenge

Players must play in a specified number of tournaments with a minimum buy-in in order to complete this challenge. 9-player Sit & Go games also count towards the “Play Tournaments Challenge”, and players can use any existing tournament tickets in their accounts to enter the tournaments.

Win BLAST Games Challenge

Players have to finish first in a specified number of 888Poker´s hyper-turbo BLAST Sit & Go games in order to complete this challenge. As with the “Play Tournaments Challenge” the start time of each game counts towards completing the challenge rather than when it concludes.

Get in the Money Challenges

The “Get in the Money Challenges” can be completed in tournaments or in 9-player Sit & Go games, or in a mixture of both. All players have to do to complete this challenge is cash for at least $1.00 the number of times and at the minimum buy-in determined by the challenge.

The Win Hands Challenge

This challenge is more straightforward than it seems. All players have to do is win a number of cash game pots at minimum blinds specified by the challenge. Fast-fold SNAP games count towards completing this challenge, and the hands do not necessarily have to go to showdown.

Get to Showdown Challenge

Conversely, in the “Get to Showdown Challenge” players have to get to the showdown in cash games of NL Texas Hold´em (including SNAP), but do not necessarily have to win the hand. Again the number of showdowns required and the minimum blinds level vary from player to player.

Play Flopomania Challenge

The “Play Flopomania Challenge” is probably the easiest to complete. Simply play the required number of Flopomania games at any real money table with antes of $0.05 or more. The only stipulation for the player´s hand to count towards the challenge is at least four players must be dealt into the hand.

Place Bets in the Casino Challenge

This challenge requires players to place a minimum number of bets at a minimum stake in the 888Casino. As mentioned above, players who do not like this challenge can allow it to expire and get a different “Golden Step Challenge” the following day.

Place Bets in the Live Casino Challenge

This challenge is slightly different from the one above inasmuch as the Live Casino Golden Step Challenge requires players to stake a certain amount rather than place a specified number of bets. The challenge can be completed in one bet or in any number of bets above a $1.00 stake.

Place Live Sports Bets Challenge

Similar to the “Live Casino Challenge”, players are required to place a specified value of bets on Live Sports with odds of 1.5 or better. This is a fairly easy challenge to complete on a Saturday afternoon when there is plenty of familiar sports action taking place.

Win Live Sports Bets Challenge

This is a good example of when it will be possible to complete challenges concurrently. Simply place bets on Live Sports with odds of 1.5 or better and win the amount required to complete the challenge. The only stipulation with this challenge is that bets must be of $1.00 or more.

What Can You Win on the Fortune Trail?

The prizes for completing each stage vary between a cash prize (typically $1.00, $2.00 or $5.00), a free no deposit poker bonus of $10.00 (usual clearing requirements apply), and a ticket for a “Fortune Trail Tournament” (twice daily at 7:00pm and 11:00pm GMT) with a prize pool of $4,000. There is a sprinkling of higher value cash prizes along the trail, but these are the exception rather than the norm.

Along the Fortune Trail there are also “Treasure Chest Milestones” with further prizes of up to $5,000 cash hidden inside the Treasure Chest. In order to release the prizes, players have to click on the Treasure Chest within two days of completing the qualifying challenge. You cannot save up Chests. Any tournament ticket prizes must also be used within three days or they will expire.

A Great Time to be Playing at 888Poker

Now is a great time to be playing at 888Poker. Not only does the Fortune Trail promotion give players at all bankroll levels the opportunity to win free cash, bonuses and tournament tickets, it also coincides with a [geolink href=”https://www.pokernewsreport.com/888poker-supports-xl-blizzard-with-100000-promotion-22061″]$100,000 promotion[/geolink] supporting the site´s forthcoming XL Blizzard tournament series in which players can qualify for the $1 million guaranteed Main Event for free.

To be sure you don´t miss out on any of the fantastic opportunities available at 888Poker, make sure you visit the site soon. However, please remember, in order to be eligible to take part in the Fortune Trail and XL Blizzard promotions, you must have made a real money deposit into your account. If you have not yet made your first deposit, please read our [geolink href=”https://www.pokernewsreport.com/888-poker”]888Poker review[/geolink] to find out how you can qualify for an enhanced bonus of up to $600.00.