888poker Offering Daily BLAST Leaderboard Competitions

Online poker players at 888poker can take part in daily BLAST leaderboard competitions featuring $5,000 in total prize money.

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Online poker players look forward to unique contests and tournaments from top operators. Big sites like 888poker often provide unique gaming opportunities so that players can take part in special ways to enjoy the game. Right now, 888poker is offering leaderboard competitions featuring its BLAST variants. Each day, the top ranked players in the competition share in $5,000.

How Does It Work?

So, you may be wondering, how do the BLAST leaderboards work? Well, you must choose to play in the BLAST games and your first 10 or 30 can count toward the leaderboard competition. If you want to play in the lower game section, then play 10 games. If you want to play more, choose the 30 game option.

To be fair, 888poker will only allow the first 10 or 30 games to count towards the ranking on the live leaderboard. To start, go to the BLAST arena at 888poker. The lobby will provide you with the option to click on the LEADERBOARDS section.

Click the JOIN button on the leaderboard you want to take part it, be it the 10 or 30 option. You will then need to play BLAST games in the leaderboard competition you chose. After each game, you win ranking points. You will earn two points for every first-place finish and one point for every second or third place finish.

The points you are then multiplied by the BLAST multiplier. This determines your rank within the leaderboard competition. You can then check the leaderboards to see your position. This will help you to see if you are going to finish at the top of the leaderboard to earn a piece of the cash prize.

What is BLAST?

If you are unfamiliar with BLAST, it is a sit and go game where you can win large prizes. Three players take part in each sit and go. You are then competing for a randomly drawn prize pool. It might be a small prize pool or quite large, even up to 10,000x the buy-in!

When the game begins, the BLAST timer starts. There is a countdown and once it is completed, the action is taken over. Each player is automatically all-in until only one player remains. The higher your prize pool multiplier, the longer the timer will be until the all-in round starts.

The tournaments come in several buy-in levels, making it easy for you to find a BLAST option that suits your playing needs. It starts at ten cents and then goes to $1, then $5, $15, and $30. Each level offers a random multiplier, so you never know what you might get. Hopefully though, it’s a higher one so the prizes are much larger and gives you a better shot at winning big!

Check out the BLAST tournaments today and take part in the special leaderboard option to have a chance to win even more potential prize money. With the leaderboards, you can win cash from landing at the top of the board, plus anything you win in the event itself.