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888Poker Hosting Micro Champion-Chips Series this Week

888Poker has put together a series of eighteen sporting themed tournaments that between them have more than $145,000 in guaranteed prize money.

888Poker Champion Chips

888Poker has put together a series of eighteen sporting themed tournaments that between them have more than $145,000 in guaranteed prize money.

If you´ve been playing at 888Poker recently, you will have likely seen the multitude of freeroll tournaments and satellites populating the tournament lobby. Most of these free and low buy-in events have been feeding into the Summer Champion-Chips series – a series of eighteen sporting themed poker tournaments which have valuable guaranteed prize pools.

The series gets underway today; and, judging by the hundreds of players who have already qualified for the opening tournaments, it is going to be a huge event. Not surprisingly, next Sunday´s Main Event is proving exceptionally popular, and so many players have already entered or qualified into the tournament it is more than one quarter of the way to meeting its $42,200 guarantee.

One important point to note if you have qualified for an event later in the week is that Events #10 and #12 have been reversed in the schedule. The rebuy-and add-on Triple Jump event originally scheduled for Friday will now be played a day earlier, while the Skateboard progressive KO event originally scheduled for Thursday will now take place on Friday. The revised schedule is now:

Event Date Time (GMT) Buy-in Name Notes Guarantee
#1 4th Aug 2:00pm $5.50 Opening Ceremony 6-Max $5,000
#2 6:00pm $16.50 Half Marathon 15 min blinds $21,100
#3 7:30pm $1.00 Race Track Turbo $1,500
#4 5th Aug 6:00pm $16.50 Long Jump 15 min blinds $15,000
#5 7:30pm $5.50 Sync Swimming PL Omaha $1,000
#6 6th Aug 5:30pm $55.00 Weightlifting High Roller $20,000
#7 7:30pm $1.00 Wrestling 4-Max $1,000
#8 7th Aug 6:00pm $8.80 Boxing Progressive KO $6,000
#9 7:30pm $1.00 Hurdles Extended R&A $2,000
#12 8th Aug 6:00pm $3.30 Triple Jump 1R1A $2,000
#11 7:30pm $8.80 Surfing Show Me $2,000
#10 9th Aug 6:00pm $11.00 Skateboard Progressive KO $5,000
#13 7:30pm $3.30 Karate Snap PKO $2,000
#14 10th Aug 6:00pm $16.50 Long Distance 15 min blinds $15,000
#15 7:30pm $1.00 Trampoline R&A $2,000
#16 11th Aug 6:30pm $33.00 Marathon Main Event $42,200
#17 7:30pm $3.30 Sport Climbing Turbo $2,000
#18 9:00pm $5.50 Sprint Super Turbo $2,000

Exceptional Value in Big Fish Mega-Satellites

888Poker has a very flexible satellite program inasmuch that if you win a ticket for a tournament with a (say) $5.50 buy-in, you can use it to enter any event – not necessarily the one the satellite was aimed at. Therefore, if you win a $5.50 ticket in a Big Fish satellite, you can use it to enter a Champion-Chips tournament of the same value. And talking of value … …

Three times a day, 888Poker hosts Big Fish mega-satellites at three different price points:

  • The $0.55 buy-in mega-satellites pay up to one hundred seats each worth $5.50
  • The $1.50 buy-in mega-satellites pay up to fifty seats each worth $16.50
  • The $3.30 buy-in mega-satellites pay up to forty seats each worth $33.00

These satellites are frequently under-subscribed – and by big margins. The majority don´t attract half as many entries as they need to meet their guarantees, which means you have twice as much chance of winning a ticket than if there was no guarantee. The drawback is that, if you win a ticket, you only have seven days to use it; but, if you are planning on playing in a Champion-Chips tournaments, that drawback doesn´t enter calculations as the series only runs for this week.

Head Over to 888Poker Today to Play in the Summer Champion-Chips Series

It´s going to be a busy week at 888Poker. Thousands of players will be drawn to the site with the hope of winning a major prize for a minimum investment, and the best way to maximize your ROI is to win a ticket in the Big Fish mega-satellites, and then use the ticket to enter one of the Champion-Chips events.

If you do not already have an account with 888Poker, you could qualify for the Champion Chips Main Event for free by downloading the software and registering an account to take advantage of a no deposit poker bonus of up to $88 (the bonus amount and terms vary depending where you live).

If you have already used your entitlement to the free poker money, read our 888Poker review to find out how you can take advantage of a supersized first deposit bonus (100% up to $600 instead of $400) and our tips on how to clear it.