888 Supports Flopomania Launch with Scratchcard Promotion

888 Poker is hoping that a new scratchcard promotion and daily freerolls will tempt players to try out the site´s new “Skip to the Action” Flopomania games.

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888's Flopomania888 Poker is hoping that a new scratchcard promotion and daily freerolls will tempt players to try out the site´s new “Skip to the Action” Flopomania games.

888 Poker recently (and inadvertently) gave players a sneak peek of its new NL Hold´em variant “Flopomania” – a game in which the pre-flop action is removed and the betting action starts after the first three community cards have been dealt.

The game went live last week in “regular” and “Push or Fold” formats and received a mixed reaction from the poker community – some commending 888 Poker for trying to make poker more fun for recreational players, others claiming it was just a way to get players to pay rake in every hand.

Now, in order to tempt more players to try out the game, 888 Poker has announced a scratchcard promotion giving players the opportunity to win up to $100,000 three times a day and, for those that don´t win a cash prize or bonus, entry into twice-daily freerolls with $3,000 prize pools.

How to Play Flopomania

A game of Flopomania starts with each player seated at the table paying an ante – there are no small blinds or big blinds to pay. 888 Poker is currently offering games with antes varying from $0.05 to $1.00, with the minimum buy-in at each “regular” table being fifty antes and the buy-in at “Push or Fold” tables being five antes.

Each player receives their two hole cards and the flop is dealt straight away. As with normal NL Hold´em, there is a button that moves a seat to the left after every hand, and the action starts with the player to the left of the button checking or raising (except in “Push or Fold” games in which each player must go all-in or fold).

Once the post-flop action is complete, the regular format of the Flopomania game continues in the same way as a normal hand in a cash game of NL Hold´em. There are further rounds of betting after the Turn and River cards, and players remaining in the hand after the River round of betting go to Showdown. It is a fairly simple concept to grasp, but may require some players to revise their betting strategies.

The Flopomania Promotion

The Flopomania promotion is an equally simple concept to grasp. Each time a player plays fifty hands of Flopomania, they will be awarded a scratchcard. The prizes range from an entry into twice-daily freeroll tournaments with $3,000 prize pools up to a Jackpot prize of $10,000 cash. Between the two extremes there are bonus prizes of $1.00, $10.00 and $100.00, and a further cash prize of $100.00.

There is a very strong likelihood (82.39%) that players will receive a freeroll ticket. The freeroll tournaments take place at 3:00pm and 6:00pm (GMT) every day up until Sunday 10th September, and every player is all-in every hand until the prizes are determined. Therefore, although it will be necessary to register manually for each freeroll tournament, there is no need to be logged in when they take place.

Players can win up to three scratchcards every day, but please note these will not be awarded instantly. For some reason, 888 Poker will send you a congratulatory email with a link to the scratchcard. It should also be pointed out that bonuses have to be cleared at the rate of 3.5 Bonus Points per $1.00, and there is a $500 limit on how much can be won by clearing the bonus playing casino games.

Fancy Skipping Straight to the Action?

If you have not yet tried Flopomania, and you would like the opportunity to win $100,000 in cash, visit 888 Poker today. New players should avoid taking advantage of the “offer” to make a deposit and receive a free scratchcard, as this will make you ineligible to receive the other benefits in the full Welcome Package – details of which can be found in our [geolink href=”https://www.pokernewsreport.com/888-poker-bonus”]888 Poker bonus page[/geolink].

Due to the publicity the site is giving to its new game, there is plenty of action at the Flopomania tables around the clock. Just remember, pocket Aces are not as strong in Flopomania as they are in normal cash games, and even Sets and Trips are no guarantee of winning a hand. With every player seeing the flop, there is more likelihood of one stumbling across a five-card hand such as a Straight or Flush.