888 Poker Sends Players on Another Treasure Quest

Treasure Quest at 888 Poker888 Poker is re-running its successful Treasure Quest promotion and giving players the opportunity to win cash prizes, no deposit bonuses and tournament entry tickets for completing daily challenges. There is a far wider range of challenges in this year´s promotion, so there should be a challenge to suit every player.

In 888 Poker´s Treasure Quest promotion, players are asked to complete daily challenges in order to block out squares on a grid-shaped treasure map. There are two 5×5 grids to complete during the promotion (which runs until 30th May), and prizes are awarded when each challenge is completed, when a vertical or horizontal line on the map is completed, or when an entire map is completed.

Each square on the grid-shaped treasure map relates to a date (i.e. Saturday 14th April). The dates are distributed randomly, so it is not necessary to log in and complete a challenge on five consecutive days in order to complete a vertical or horizontal line. However, as there is a much wider range of challenges than last time this promotion was run – and some of them are much simpler than before – it is worth visiting 888 Poker each day during the promotion to see what you have to accomplish to win a prize.

A Wider Range of Challenges than Before

If you have made a real money deposit into your 888 Poker account within the last twelve months, you will be automatically eligible to take part in the Treasure Quest promotion. Simply log into the 888 Poker client from a Windows desktop computer (the map does not display properly on Mac PCs), the 888 poker app or mobile web app, and the Treasure Map will pop up in the lobby. Click on the relevant date, and you will be asked to complete one of the following Daily Pirate Challenges:

  • Place a bet of a minimum value in any real money poker game. NL Hold´em cash games, SNAP games, BLAST tournaments and Sit & Go games all count except for heads-up games.
  • Play a minimum number of hands in any real money poker game. The same criteria as above applies, and the hands must be played between 00:00 and 23:59 GMT.
  • Win a hand with Ace-King in any real money cash game. To complete this challenge, you must have been dealt Ace-King as your hole cards.
  • Win, play or cash in a specified number of SNAP games or BLAST tournaments. Minimum buy-ins may apply depending on your previous action at 888 Poker.
  • Play in a specified number of Sit & Go games or MTT tournaments. Again, minimum buy-ins may apply and freeroll games do not contribute to completing the challenge.
  • Cash in a specified number of Sit & Go games or MTT tournaments. You have to win at least $1.00 in order for your cash to contribute towards completing the challenge.
  • Win a pot with a specified hand (Three of a Kind, Pocket Pair, Flush, etc.). Details of the specific hand and eligible games will be given when you click on the treasure map to start the challenge.
  • Win hands of Blackjack in the casino. You will be required to win a minimum number of hands at a minimum stake in order to complete this challenge.
  • Win a minimum number of Roulette games. To complete this challenge, “winning” means your payout must be more than you stake (so you can´t bet on both red and black).
  • Place a minimum number of bets in the casino or Live Casino. The good thing about this challenge is that you select which games you want to play to complete the challenge.
  • Place bets totaling a specific amount on Live Sports. Again, you will be able to choose which sports you bet on to complete the challenge.

As soon as you complete each challenge a window will pop up on the screen congratulating you on your achievement. The pop up window will also tell you which prize you have won. The prizes vary according to whether you have completed a square on the map, a line across or down the map or the entire map and include:

  • Tournament entry tickets, small cash prizes, and non-deposit bonuses up to $50 for completing a Daily Pirate Challenge.
  • Larger cash prizes (up to $10.00) and non-deposit bonuses up to $500 for completing a line across or down the map.
  • Non-deposit bonuses up to $500 or cash prizes from $1,000 up to $100,000 for completing the entire map.

The tournament tickets are for daily “Pirates Reward Tournaments” that take place at 7:00pm GMT each day and have a prize pool of $6,000. The cash prizes will be added to your account immediately (888 Poker may want to do a few checks before handing over $100,000) and the non-deposit bonuses are cleared at the usual rate of 3.5 Bonus Points per $1.00.

How Much Treasure Can You Collect at 888 Poker?

The Treasure Quest promotion has already started at 888 Poker, but don´t worry if you have missed a day or two of challenges. Because there are two 5×5 grids to complete, 888 Poker is allowing a couple of days between the end of the first treasure quest and the start of the second treasure quest for players to catch up on any outstanding challenges.

Nonetheless, if you fancy getting a good start to the Treasure Quest promotion, you should visit 888 Poker today and as regularly as you can between now and 30th May. If you are not yet eligible to participate in the promotion due to not having made your first real money deposit, read our 888 Poker review to find out how you could qualify for an exclusive first deposit bonus up to $600.