888 Poker Kicks Off Summer with The Grand Hand

The Grand Hand - 888 PokerSummer has officially arrived at 888 Poker and, to celebrate balmy days and warm evenings, the site is hosting a Grand Hand promotion in which players can win up to $1,000 in cash every day. Compared to recent 888 Poker promotions, this one is straightforward – but there are some terms and conditions to be aware of.

888 Poker´s Grand Hand promotion is really straightforward. Win a hand with a specific set of hole cards, get awarded a scratchcard, scratch the scratchcard, and win a prize. There are no challenges to complete, wheels to spin, nor lines to draw across treasure maps – it really is that simple.

The specific set of hole cards you have to win a hand with can be found in the poker client. They change every day, and are generally quite reasonable – for example, the “Hand of the Day” today is Pocket Jacks. Tomorrow´s “Hand of the Day” is 89 Suited and, if you play on Friday, you will be looking to win a hand with Ace-King.

If you play in tournaments and Sit & Go games (min buy-in $1.00), the hands do not necessarily have to see the flop in order to get awarded a scratchcard. If you play cash games or SNAP Poker (min stake $0.02/$0.05), the hand has to see the flop in order to qualify for a scratchcard, but split pots also count as winners for the purposes of the promotion.

What You Can Win in the Grand Hand Promotion

You can win up to two scratchcards each day by winning hands with the “Hand of the Day”, and the scratchcards will appear in your account within 72 hours. You only have 24 hours to scratch off your prize once you have been informed the scratchcard is in your account by email or a pop-up message, so don´t be tempted to save them up. Each scratchcard contains one of the following prizes:

Prize Odds
$6,000 Grand Hand Tournament Ticket 92.747%
$1 Cash 6.000%
$10 Cash 1.200%
$100 Cash 0.050%
$1,000 Cash 0.003%

If you win a cash prize it will be credited instantly to your real money balance (there are no clearing requirements). If you win a tournament ticket, these have to be used within three days to manually enter one of the following tournaments:

  • $6,000 Grand Hand Skills Tournament – Daily at 7:30pm (all times GMT) until August 8th.
  • $6,000 Grand Hand Lucky Tournament – An All-In Shootout daily at 11:30pm until August 8th.

As usual with All-In Shootouts, you do not have to be physically logged into your 888 Poker account in order to play in the Grand Hand Lucky Tournaments, as you will be all-in every hand until the prizes are determined. In theory, you could switch your computer off at tea-time, watch some World Cup action, go to bed, and wake up in the morning up to a grand richer.

What Else Should You Know about the Grand Hand Promotion?

Not a lot really. The promotion is running now and continues until August 7th, with the final Grand Hand Tournaments being played the following day. As mentioned above, all times are GMT, so if you are playing from Germany or Malta, the “Hand of the Day” will change each evening at 10:00pm CET.

Just remember to scratch your scratchcards as soon as receiving them, and use tournament tickets within three days. Other than that, all you need to do to participate in the Grand Hand promotion is to have made a real money deposit into your account within the last 24 months.

If you have never made a real money deposit before, you may also be eligible for a first deposit bonus up to $600. To find out more about this opportunity, and the other benefits of playing at the site, do not hesitate to read our 888 Poker review.