888 Poker Goes All-In to Vegas – But Only Until 13th June

All-In to Vegas with 888 Poker888Poker is giving players two opportunities every day to win a package to WSOP 2018 in Las Vegas. All you have to do to win a package is complete daily challenges and then hope you strike lucky in an All-In Shootout. However, you will have strike lucky within a week, as this promotion only runs until 13th June.

If you have been following the WSOP action in Las Vegas, and you harbour dreams of one day playing for a life-changing cash in the most prestigious live poker series in the world, your luck might be in if you play at 888 Poker.

The site recently launched an “All-In to Vegas” promotion which guarantees two players every day will win a package to this year´s World Series of Poker. Participation in the promotion is free to players who have made a deposit in the past 24 months, and you could end up winning millions of dollars. However, if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you will have to act quickly. The “All-In to Vegas” promotion is only running until next Wednesday 13th June.

How the All-In to Vegas Promotion Works

Every day when you log into your 888 Poker account, you will be greeted with a pop-up advising you of your first Daily Challenge (apparently the pop-up doesn´t work on Mac devices, so it is advisable to log in via a Windows or mobile device). The Daily Challenge can be any of the following:

  • Play a specified number of hands in any real money poker game.
  • Win a specified number of hands in any NL Hold´em cash game.
  • Play, win, or cash in a specified number of BLAST tournaments.
  • Play a specified number of SNAP Poker hands (only post-flop hands count).
  • Play in a specified number of Sit & Go games or MTT tournaments.
  • Play in tournaments with total buy-ins of more than a specified amount.
  • Win a hand with Three-of-a-Kind in a Sit & Go game or MTT tournament.
  • Win a hand with Three-of-a-Kind in any NL Hold´em cash or SNAP game.
  • Win with other specified hands in cash games, Sit & Go games or tournaments.

Once your first Daily Challenge is completed, you will be awarded a ticket for an All-In Shootout the following day and advised of your second Daily Challenge. You can complete a maximum of two Daily Challenges each day to enter both the following day´s All-In Shootouts at 5:08pm and 8:08pm (BST).

Please note you will not be entered automatically for the All-In Shootout events. Although there is no requirement that you are logged in when the events take place (because you will automatically be All-In every hand), manual registration is required. Unused entries expire after 24 hours, so don´t forget!

But What WSOP Package are You Playing For?

Unusually, there is not one specific WSOP package allocate to one All-In Shootout and another WSOP Package allocated to the other. The prize in each event will be announced as it begins, which does create the possibility you could win two packages to the same event! The two packages consist of:

WSOP Las Vegas Crazy Eights Package (June 30th to July 3rd)

  • $888 buy-in to the WSOP Crazy Eight event.
  • Three nights accommodation at the Rio Hotel & Casino.
  • $1,050 towards travel expenses.
  • An invitation to the 888 Poker Welcome Party.
  • An 888Live poker kit.

WSOP Las Vegas Main Event Package (July 3rd to July 8th)

  • $10,000 buy-in to the WSOP Main Event.
  • Five nights accommodation at the Vdara Hotel.
  • $1,050 towards travel expenses.
  • An invitation to the 888 Poker Welcome Party.
  • An 888Live poker kit.

As well as checking you have made a real money deposit into your account and that your passport is up-to-date, we also recommend reading the terms and conditions of the promotion on 888 Poker´s website. There does appear to be a helluva lot of them (~8,500 words), and you wouldn´t want to win a package in the “All-In to Vegas” promotion only to find you were not eligible. Remember, you only have a week to win your package to the WSOP, so get reading now!