888 Holdings and Caesars Interactive Entertainment Tie up Through 2026

888 Holdings and Caesars Interactive Entertainment have extended a partnership agreement through 2026.

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The Business to Business partnership between Caesars Interactive Entertainment and 888 Holdings PLC has been extended for an additional five years. With the extension, 888 will continue to power the WSOP Nevada and New Jersey sites. The software provider will also focus services on sites in Michigan and Pennsylvania. The two companies have worked together since 2013 and it does not seem that the two will split up any time soon.

Working Together

In early 2021, it was revealed that the two brands had renewed the contract agreement. However, it was unclear until recently as to what the duration of the relationship was. The information was provided after a recent presentation of the 2020 results of 888 Holdings.

The news comes not long after it was announced that the partnership had extended in the state of Delaware. The two firms are focused on the US market and 888 is in a position to benefit from the expansion as shared liquidity takes place across the country. We should see more player pooling as the Wire Act case finally comes to an end. It is expected that Michigan and Pennsylvania will join in.

New Software Launch

At the same time as the time frame of the deal was made know, 888 is preparing to launch new software in the US for WSOP. In Europe, the Poker 8 client has been well-received. 888 has been installing the new software for the past few years, adding to its functionality, graphics, and features.

Particular attention was paid to mobile optimization as players prefer a mobile option over a desktop. Handheld devices can now be used in portrait mode with the new software installation. It took two full years to bring the software to fruition and it features plenty of unique details including multi-day and multi-flight tournament options.

When the brand launched Poker 8 in Europe, it was late 2020. The brand took great care in offering promotions and incentives so players would give the new software a try. Players in Europe had access to over $1 million in prizes due to incentives at the site.

The new software should be implemented into the WSOP sites soon, giving players a new look and feel when it comes to online poker gaming. In 2020, the brand saw a nice uptick in online poker earnings, jumping more than 47%.

888 will not only be launching new software but getting started in new states as well. The company is focused on Pennsylvania presently, with a launch of services to take place soon. The additional US states plus new software options should help 888 to stay at the forefront of iPoker in the nation.

The next goal will be to see new states join the Multi State Internet Gaming Agreement. If they do, then 888 will see even more traffic as players from multiple states will be playing via one network. We will stay tuned to all developments and provide insight as to new states that launch 888 services as well as the software release.