888 Cuts Rake Ups Guarantees During BoycottStars Protest

888Poker has halved the rake on certain cash games and increased the guarantees on some daily tournaments to attract players during the BoycottStars protest.

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888 Poker888Poker has halved the rake on certain cash games and increased the guarantees on some daily tournaments to attract players during the BoycottStars protest.

The BoycottStars protest has officially started. More than 2,500 high volume and high stakes players are refraining from playing at PokerStars over the next three days to complain about changes to the higher levels of the site´s VIP Program.

Cash game traffic at PokerStars this morning is noticeably quieter than at comparable times during the week, and it will be interesting to see how strong the protest is this evening when more players would be expected to log into their accounts.

888Poker Takes Advantage of Situation

[geolink href=”https://www.pokernewsreport.com/888-poker”]888Poker[/geolink] – the second largest poker site in the world – has not been slow to take advantage of the situation, and has announced a series of special promotions to coincide with the three days of the BoycottStars protest.

Starting from today, the site will be reducing the rake on PL Omaha games from 5% to 2.5% (200PL and up), introducing two new tournaments that will appeal to midstakes MTT players and increasing the guarantees on some of its regular tournaments.

Guarantees Up by $108,000 over Three Days

The two added tournaments have been scheduled for 1:00pm (GMT) and 3:00pm (GMT) on each day. The first is a $5,000 guaranteed 8-Max NL Hold´em tournament with a $55.00 buy-in. The second is a $5,000 guaranteed turbo event with a $30.00 buy-in.

However, possibly the most significant 888Poker promotion staged to coincide with the BoycottStars protest is the addition of $108,000 in increased tournament guarantees over the next three days – both for selected daily tournaments and a couple of weekly feature events.

The biggest increase of all will be evident tonight, when 888Poker increases the guarantee on its $600 buy-in Tuesday Volcano from $85,000 to $100,000. Other significant increases can be found through all of the site´s “High Roller Series” including the Crocodile and Quarterback events

Additionally, 888Poker is expecting plenty of low and mid stakes players to join the BoycottStars protest, and has increased the guarantees on many of its regular midweek tournaments with lower buy-ins – some by as much as 50 percent! These include the Swordfish, the Blowfish and the Goldfish tournaments.

Positive Response from 888 and PokerStars Players

According to the feedback on the 2+2 poker forum, players from 888Poker and PokerStars have reacted positively to the special promotions. Many midstakes PL Omaha players have already indicated they will be taking their business to 888Poker tonight and it is expected that the enhanced tournament guarantees will also see bumper fields.

Whether or not 888Poker continues with its special offers once the BoycottStars protest comes to a close is not known. The top end of the site´s Rewards Program is no better than what PokerStars intends changing their Rewards Program to, however, 888Poker has an exceptional VIP Scheme for players that reach the top level of its Rewards program. Benefits include massive cash giveaways, discounts on major tournament buy-ins and “trips of a lifetime” to exclusive events and sporting occasions.

[isGeoAllowed room=”888poker”]You can find out more about the top end VIP rewards offered by the site, by visiting 888Poker today[/isGeoAllowed].

Regular Guaranteed Special Guaranteed Buy in Start Time (GMT)
The $85,000 Tuesday Volcano The $100,000 Tuesday Volcano $600 19:30
The $30,000 Thursday Quarterback The $35,000 Thursday Quarterback $215 19:30
The $25,000 Tuesday Crocodile The $30,000 Tuesday Crocodile $160 17:30
The $15,000 Crocodile (Midweek) The $20,000 Crocodile (Midweek) $160 17:30
The $30,000 Tuesday Challenge The $35,000 Tuesday Challenge $109 20:35
The $7,000 Lightning 6-Max The $8,000 Lightning 6-Max $109 14:00
The $10,000 Tornado The $12,000 Tornado $109 20:15
The $6,000 Hurricane The $8,000 Hurricane $109 21:45
The $10,000 Breeze The $12,000 Breeze $55 15:45
The $5,000 Twister The $6,000 Twister $55 11:00
The $7,500 Thunder 6-Max Second Chance The $8,000 Thunder 6-Max Second Change $55 19:35
The $5,000 Cyclone The $6,000 Cyclone $55 02:20
The $5,000 Typhoon Second Chance The $5,000 Typhoon Second Chance $55 09:00
The $7,500 Swordfish The $8,000 Swordfish $30 18:00
The $5,000 Turbo Swordfish The $6,000 Turbo Swordfish $30 22:00
The $3,000 Super Turbo Swordfish The $4,000 Super Turbo Swordfish $30 00:00
The $8,000 Guaranteed Turbo R&A The $10,000 Guaranteed Turbo R&A $5 19:00
The $1,000 Turbo Blowfish The $1,500 Turbo Blowfish $5 18:00
The $1,000 Super Turbo Blowfish The $1,200 Super Turbo Blowfish $5 23:00
The $1,000 Goldfish The $1,200 Goldfish $1 20:00
The $600 Turbo Goldfish The $700 Turbo Goldfish $1 15:00
The $300 Super Turbo Goldfish The $400 Super Turbo Goldfish $1 02:00

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