2014 WSOP Event #33 Dutch Boyd Wins Third Hold´em Bracelet

Dutch Boyd overcame a colossal field of 1,688 to collect his third WSOP Hold´em bracelet and $288,744 prize money with victory in Event #33 of the 2014 WSOP.

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2014 WSOP Event #33 Dutch Boyd Wins Third Hold´em BraceletDutch Boyd overcame a colossal field of 1,688 to collect his third WSOP Hold´em bracelet and $288,744 prize money with victory in Event #33 of the 2014 WSOP.

There was an animated conclusion to Event #33 of the 2014 WSOP, as Dutch Boyd fist-pumped and high-fived his way to victory in the $1,000 buy-in NL Hold´em tournament, spurred on by his equally animated supporters on the rail.

Boyd´s victory gave him his third WSOP bracelet following wins in 2006 and 2010; but whereas both his previous victories had come in short handed tournaments, Boyd had to overcome a strong final table of ten when play resumed in the Amazon Room of the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino last night.

# WSOP #33 – NL Hold´em Chips
1 Will Givens 1,217,000
2 Steven Norden 910,000
3 Dutch Boyd 812,000
4 Paul Cogliano 576,000
5 Vinny Pahuja 461,000
6 David Olmsted 251,000
7 Chad Dixon 240,000
8 Gabriel Nassif 231,000
9 Pok Kim 194,000
10 Christopher Sensoli 156,000


Action Packed Start to Final Table

There was a fairly brisk start to the final table, with David Olmsted being sent to the rail after just one orbit of the button – his A♣ Q♠ failing to connect with the board against Paul Cogliano´s 8♣ 8 – and before the end of the first level Olmsted had been joined by Chad Dixon (K♣ J < Christopher Sensoli´s A♠ J) and Gabriel Nassif (Q J♠ < Vinny Pahuja´s A♠ Q).

There was no slowing down of the action during the second level (Level 24 – blinds 12,000/24,000 – ante 4,000) as Dutch Boyd eliminated Vinny Pahuja 10♠ 10♣ > 2 2♠ to move into the chip lead, Christopher Sensoli (A Q♣) bust to Paul Cogliano´s rivered straight and Pok Kim failed to hit her open-ended straight draw against Will Givens´ Trip Eights to leave the tournament in fifth place.

Fist Pumps Start as Boyd Leads into Heads-Up

Dutch Boyd´s chip advantage encouraged him to become the most active player at the final table, but not always successfully. He was the first player to get beyond 2 million chips when rivering a pair of Queens to take a 560,000 chip pot from Will Givens, but after Paul Cogliano had eliminated Givens in fourth place A♠ 4♠ > A♣ 9♠, Boyd´s stack started to go into freefall.

Boyd lost 240,000 chips to Steven Norden when he missed an open-ended straight draw, and then became the short stack of the trio that remained when doubling up Norden Q♠ 10 >8♣ 7. A fortunate double-up against Paul Cogliano with a rivered Seven (A♠ 7 > A♣ K) and then a equally fortunate two pairs > top pair against Cogliano gave Boyd the momentum to climb back up the leaderboard; and he took a narrow 2,800,000 -v- 2,275,000 chip lead into the heads-up when busting Cogliano in third place A♠ 9♠ > 7 6.

Boyd´s Good Fortune Leads Him to Victory

Dutch Boyd´s good fortune continued into the heads-up encounter against Steven Norden as he rivered a pair of Jacks to extend his chip lead and then trip Tens on the Turn to extend his advantage. Even the manner of the winning hand was a little fortuitous – Steven Norden moving all-in on the board of 3♠ 7 3 / A♣ 6 and Boyd making the call:

Norden: K♣ 5♣ for a bluff

Boyd: A 4♠ for a pair of Aces

Dutch Boyd´s pair was good enough to win Event #33 of the 2014 WSOP, collect his third WSOP bracelet and pick up the first place prize money of $288,744.

# WSOP #33 – NL Hold´em Prize
1 Dutch Boyd $288,744
2 Steven Norden $178,490
3 Paul Cogliano $117,464
4 Will Givens $84,680
5 Pok Kim $61,983
6 Christopher Sensoli $46,031
7 Vinny Pahuja $34,668
8 Gabriel Nassif $26,464
9 Chad Dixon $20,463
10 David Olmsted $16,088