2014 WSOP Event #19 Goes Gillis´ Way

Ted Gillis played a solid game of poker to take down Event #19 of the 2014 WSOP – defeating dual bracelet winner John Hennigan heads-up for the $514,027 prize.

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2014 WSOP Event #19 Goes Gillis´ WayTed Gillis played a solid game of poker to take down Event #19 of the 2014 WSOP – defeating dual bracelet winner John Hennigan heads-up for the $514,027 prize.

Event #19 of the 2014 World Series of Poker was another colossal tournament. 2,086 players ponied up the $1,500 buy-in to create a prize pool in excess of $2.8 million which was shared between the top 216 players following the elimination of Paul Phillips early on Sunday morning A♣ K < Dylan Thomassie´s A A♠.

Twelve players returned for yesterday´s Day 3, and the official nine-handed final table was set when Ted Gillis spiked the J to complete a Broadway straight and eliminate the unfortunate Darin Stout in tenth place A♣ 10 > A♠ K.

# WSOP #19 – NL Hold´em Chips
1 Mustapha Kanit 2,500,000
2 John Hennigan 1,600,000
3 Hiren Patel 1,150,000
4 Dejan Divkovic 990,000
5 Ted Gillis 780,000
6 Edison Shields 765,000
7 Jacobo Fernandez 705,000
8 Jaime Kaplan 610,000
9 Dylan Thomassie 320,000


Final Table Starts with Double KO

There was an eventful start to the final table of 2014 WSOP Event #19, when – in the seventh hand – Dylan Thomassie moved all-in with 9 10 and received calls from both Edison Shields (A A♠) and Dejan Divkovic (K♣ K). The flop of K 6 Q put Divkovic ahead in the hand, but gave Thomassie and Shields outs to a flush draw.

The K♠ was dealt on the Turn to give Divkovic Quad Kings, and despite the 2 completing Dylan Thomassie´s flush on the River, he was eliminated in ninth place, with Shields – by virtue of having the bigger chip stack when the hand started – bust in eighth place.

Divkovic on a Roll as Former Leaders Fall

Following the dual elimination of Dylan Thomassie and Edison Shields, Dejan Divkovic went on a roll – rivering an Ace-high flush to bust end-of-Day-2 chip leader Hiren Patel in seventh place A Q > 6♣ 6♠ and Mustapha Kanit in sixth place A♣ 10 > A 3♣ after John Hennigan had crippled the former chip leader.

Jaime Kaplan was eliminated in seventh place when his 3♠ 3 fell to Jacobo Fernandez´ rivered straight, and Ted Gillis narrowly avoided being sent to the rail soon after when his 9 10 spiked Trip Tens on the River to best Fernandez´ paired K Q. Gillis then took chips from both Divkovic and Fernandez, so that when the four remaining players returned from the dinner break at the beginning of Level 28 (blinds 30,000/60,000 – ante 10,000), the respective chip counts looked like this:

# WSOP #19 – NL Hold´em Chips
1 Dejan Divkovic 3,720,000
2 John Hennigan 3,090,000
3 Ted Gillis 2,050,000
4 Jacobo Fernandez 555,000


Gillis leads Hennigan into Heads-Up

Despite Jacobo Fernandez doubling up against Dejan Divkovic A♠ 10♠ > 3 3, he was the next player to leave the final table of 2014 WSOP Event #19 – running his 10♠ 10 into John Hennigan´s A K and seeing the A♣ in the window of the flop to be bust in fourth place.

Divkovic was left perilously short after doubling up Ted Gillis A♣ J > 7 7♣, and it was Gillis who took a 5.6 million -v- 3.8 million chip advantage into the heads-up against John Hennigan after eliminating Dejan Divkovic in third place A♠ Q > A 6♦}.

Gillis Pushes Home his Advantage to Win Event #19

The first dozen hands of the heads-up were fairly tense, with relative newcomer Ted Gillis testing the water against dual bracelet winner John Hennigan. In the twentieth hand of the heads-up encounter, Ted Gillis made a substantial dent in John Hennigan´s chip stack when his 4 4 improved to a Full House, and the tournament was decided ten hands later.

In the final hand, John Hennigan moved all-in with Q♣ 9. Ted Gillis had no hesitation in making the call with A♠ 6 and the cards were on their backs. The flop of 10♣ 10 A put Gillis way ahead in the hand, although Hennigan´s hopes of a backdoor flush improved when the 7 was dealt on the Turn. Unfortunately for Hennigan, there was to be no miraculous comeback, and the K♠ on the River sealed Ted Gillis´ victory in the 2014 WSOP Event #19.

# WSOP #19 – NL Hold´em Prize
1 Ted Gillis $ 514,027
2 John Hennigan $ 319,993
3 Dejan Divkovic $ 222,429
4 Jacobo Fernandez $ 160,193
5 Mustapha Kanit $ 117,079
6 Jaime Kaplan $ 86,609
7 Hiren Patel $ 64,911
8 Edison Shields $ 49,267
9 Dylan Thomassie $ 37,834