TonyG v Isildur1 in next SuperStar Showdown match

TonyGPokerStars have announced the next challenger who will face-off against mystery Team PokerStars Pro Isildur1 – it will be TonyG! The SuperStar Showdown match will take place on January 2nd at 4pm ET and is sure to have even more railbirds flocking to watch the match than the first one against Isaac Haxton.

The SuperStar Showdown is a series of high stakes poker matches which sees players play against Isildur1 at four tables at a time for 2,500 hands and the match only ends when the hands have all been played, or when someone is down $150,000.

For the TonyG vs Isildur1 match, PokerStars have announced that the pair have agreed to play half NLHE – half PLOwhich should prove to be very exciting.

Isildur1 will be hoping to bounce back from a defeat in his first match at the hands of Isaac Haxton who won $41,000 from him. After the match Isildur1 was quick to publicly state that he felt Haxton had been ‘lucky’ and was ‘weak’ and that he wanted a rematch with him at some point to avenge the loss. Meanwhile after the match Haxton complimented the Swede stating he found him difficult to play against and that Isildur1 continually made him ‘feel miserable’ putting him in tough spots.

A rematch with Haxton may have to wait a while though because there are quite a lot of players in the pipeline waiting to play against the mystery Swede. Just this week Frenchman Rui “Gouhanunet” Cao asked Isildur1 in the chatbox on PokerStars if he was okay with four tables of PLO and that he wanted to start as soon as possible.

TonyG is a Team PartyPoker professional and last year he even offered to stake Isildur1 and fly him and his friends to London so he could participate in the PartyPoker Big Game, however Isildur1 pulled out at the last minute and TonyG stated he wouldn’t offer him any help in the future – perhaps he is hoping to defeat Isildur1 and punish him that way?