Sam Trickett wins $100,000 Challenge event

Sam TrickettEnglish poker player and Titan Poker pro Sam Trickett has won the $100,000 buy-in Challenge event at the 2011 Aussie Millions after defeating a star studded final table after an initial 38-players entered the tournament.

Trickett entered the final table with 961,000 chips, with his closest rival being David Steicke who held 622,000 chips. Eight players began the final table, however only the top six players would cash and the two unfortunate players who fell short were Chris Ferguson and Jeff Lisandro.

This left Sam Trickett, David Steicke, David Benyamine, James Obst, Erik Seidel and Tony Bloom to battle it out.

After the six players made it to the money, Benyamine was the first player to be eliminated. He got all-in holding AJ against Trickett who has holding AQ. The board brought the Q which sealed Benyamines fate and he was eliminated in sixth-place for $150,000.

Next it was Australian James Obst who was eliminated after he shoved his small stack in holding K10 which received the call from Tony Bloom who held JJ. There was no help on the board and Obst was eliminated in fifth-place for $200,000 and meant it wouldn’t be an Australian player who would win the event.

Next to go was David Steicke after he moved all-in holding K4 on a board of J542 against Erik Seidel who was holding 53. The river was the 9 which meant Steicke was out in fourth-place for $325,000.

Next it was Seidel who hit the rail after a long period of three-handed play at the hands of Bloom who trapped him on a board of J93. Seidel checked which led to Bloom betting 90,000 then Seidel moved all-in for 450,000. Bloom called and revealed his AJ while Seidel revealed his J8 and the turn and river brought no help leaving it between Bloom and Trickett to play heads-up.

Trickett entered heads-up play with the chip lead despite letting it slip throughout the final table, and the tournament was quickly over as Bloom pushed all-in holding Q9 which was called by Trickett who held AK and with no help on the board Trickett earned the victory for $1,525,000.

2011 Aussie Millions Challenge event final table results

  1. Sam Trickett – $1,525,000
  2. Tony Bloom – $975,000
  3. Erik Seidel – $625,000
  4. David Steicke – $325,000
  5. James Obst – $200,000
  6. David Benyamine – $150,000

The Aussie Millions takes place at the Crown Casino.