O´Dwyer Leads Irish Poker Championship Final Table

O´Dwyer Leads Irish Poker Championship Final TableAfter a very short second day of the Irish Poker Championship, the seven-handed final table sees Steve O´Dwyer hold a commanding chip advantage over Max Silver.

Day 2 of the Irish Poker Championship was a very short affair following the Day 1 carnage which saw 52 players reduced to a field of just 12 over ten levels of play. With only seven players to cash in the €2,500 buy-in event, the decision was made to play down to a final table on Day 2 and leave the majority of the excitement until Day 3.

Going into the second day, American poker player Steve O´Dwyer (265,400 chips) held 40 BB advantage over the UK´s Max Silver (216,500 chips) and Thomas Hall (186,100 chips) – an advantage which was to increase to a 137 BB advantage during the two levels of play which were concluded yesterday.

Mixed Fortunes for British Players

Unfortunately for fans of British poker, Jake Cody was the first of the twelve remaining players to bust out – shoving his last 20,000 chips with A♠ Q♠ into the pocket Sevens of Ireland´s Peter Murphy and failing to find the overcard he needed.

Soon after, Steve O´Dwyer extended the gap between himself and Max Silver when rivering an Ace flush against Silver´s missed straight draw, but Silver bounced back with the elimination of Jay O´Toole in tenth, when Silver showed trip Kings to thwart O´Toole´s bluff.

Sion and Gasgoine Fall to Leave Final Table

Two more British poker players were eliminated before the final table was set. Elior Sion had been managing a short stack all day, and was unfortunate to have his 10♣ 10 turned over by the 9♣ 9 of Marc MacDonnell when the 9 was dealt on the flop.

Steve O´Dwyer (10♠ 9♠) then completed a very successful day by busting out Christopher Day (K K) when getting all his chips in – and a call – on a flop of 10 9 4♣. The board completed with the 8♣ and 9♣ to give O´Dwyer a Full House and leave Day as the Bubble Boy.

Looking Ahead to Day 3 of the Irish Poker Championship

With the elimination of Christopher Day, Steve O´Dwyer took his chip stack to 528,500 – more than double the size of Max Silver´s (253,800 chips) with Marc McDonnell (184,100) hunting the leading pair up in third.

However, when play resumes this afternoon at the Full Tilt Poker Village in Galway, the blinds will only be 1,000/2,000 with a 300 chip ante – such is the aggression that this event has been played at – and there could be a few surprises remaining in the Irish Poker Championship now that each of the players is assured of a cash and €39,450 going to the winner.

Irish Poker Championship Final Table Chip Counts

# Irish Poker Championship Chips
1 Steve O´Dwyer 528,500
2 Max Silver 253,800
3 Marc McDonnell 184,100
4 Thomas Hall 177,600
5 Ian Gasgoine 83,000
6 Peter Murphy 42,000
7 Trevor Dineen 35,100