Full Tilt Poker Sends Verification Emails Ahead of Relaunch

Full Tilt Poker Sends Verification Emails Ahead of RelaunchPokerStars caused a major scam alert on Thursday by sending former Full Tilt Poker players within a certain criteria emails asking them to verify their accounts

Without warning or any official announcement, thousands of ex Full Tilt Poker players received emails yesterday asking them to verify their FTP accounts ahead of the proposed relaunch of Full Tilt Poker on November 6th.


As you are aware, Full Tilt Poker is preparing to re-launch by November 6th, 2012.

Action Required: You will need to verify your identity to access your account.

In the interest of account security and in accordance with the anticipated Isle of Man regulatory requirements, you are required to verify your identity.

Providing valid documentation now will ensure that your account is fully verified and active upon re-launch. Once relaunch and system testing has completed, you will have unrestricted access to your Full Tilt Poker account, including all cashier functionality and poker games.

Please reply to this email, attaching the following documents:*

*(Varies according to location)

Concerns that the email may be a scam were eased when several poker players checked with PokerStars to ensure that the emails were legitimate and then posted on Twitter and the popular poker forums. Players that replied to the emails with the appropriate documents found that their account status was confirmed as verified within 10 minutes by Full Tilt Poker customer support – prompting tributes such as PokerStars Support Speed!.

Hello XXXX

Thank you for sending us the requested documents.

We can confirm that we have now verified your identification documents and upon relaunch by November 6th, you will have full and unrestricted access to your Full Tilt Poker account.

Your cooperation and understanding in this matter was greatly appreciated.


Full Tilt Poker Support

Once the news was broken that the Full Tilt Poker emails were being sent, there were many players who were wondering why they had not received theirs. The answer came (quickly) from an enquiry sent to Full Tilt Poker Customer Support:-

Dear XXXX,

Full Tilt Poker recently emailed all players who fit BOTH of the following two criteria:

-Players with account balances of over $3,500 (or €3,000) as of 29 June, 2011.


-Players who were registered to addresses outside the United States of America (or territories of the United States of America)

Your account is not one of the accounts we recently emailed matching the above criteria and therefore you are not required to verify your account at this time. We trust that this has been helpful to you, but please feel free to contact us again any time if we can assist further.


Full Tilt Poker Support

Full Tilt Poker customer support was also inundated with inquiries from players who had moved, had forgotten the email account which was used to register on Full Tilt Poker and those who had not received the email despite falling within Full Tilt Poker´s criteria.

In cases where players have moved, new credentials will be required to ascertain any change of address, while players who have forgotten their email addresses are required to go through the standard “Forgot log-in/password” procedures. Those who have not received the email are asked to be patient and to check their junk mail (where most of our previous FTP emails used to go!).

PLEASE NOTE: Players scanning in documents or using save images on their computer to verify their Full Tilt Poker account should ensure that the total file size sent to Full Tilt Poker Customer Support is less than 3MB.


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  1. Romica Mihailov says:

    what happend to the players that requested a transfer from their poker accounts to their personal banking accounts prior to june 12th 2011 and never received any money,,,, but an confirmation e-mail from full tilt was send to them the money had been sent to their banking accounts?…are those money still in process to be send to the players or will be shown into Full Tilt players account?