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Carbon Poker Review

American poker players unite! After the shock of “Black Friday” where the 3 biggest poker rooms that offered action to U.S. players all exited the market, most players were left without a place to play. Fortunately, there are several very good poker websites still accepting Americans, and among the choices still out there, Carbon Poker and the Merge Network has been by far the new poker site of choice for these players. The growth of Carbon Poker continues to grow as more and more players get their money out of these other sites and have it available to deposit elsewhere. There’s no better way to sum up the virtues in our Carbon Poker review than to tell you that there are a lot of very experienced online poker players who have looked at all the options and Carbon Poker and the network that it is on has won out, and by a very large amount in fact.

Carbon Poker Mobile

Update February 2013: Carbon Poker is currently finishing their testing on a mobile version. It is expected soon to be available for Iphone and Iphone, and Carbon Poker for Android and Ipad is to be followed soon.

Carbon Poker and the Merge Network is Fishier Too

I’ve been playing online poker since it all started more than 10 years ago and I’ve never been too fussy with playing on the tougher sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt anyway. It’s not that I can’t beat the players there, it’s that they are less fisher and thus less likely to blow off their stacks to me. There’s been a ton of players who have played for a living grinding out 16 tables or more and making a small amount on each. So they need a site with a huge amount of traffic to pull this off, and that’s why they’ve avoided the ones without the mega amount of tables running at the same time. This is not the best way to make money playing online poker though, as you’re far better off playing less tables with higher profits per table anyway. I can tell you that the regulars can be beat, but why would you want to play against a whole table of those guys when you can play at a table with several big donkeys at it? It really is as simple as this.

Especially If You’re Not A Consistent Winner Yet, Carbon Poker Is Simply Better

Now if you’re one of those big time grinders that I’m talking about, you know that you’re going to have to change your strategy, and in order to make even decent money, you’re now going to have to concentrate on playing against fishier players. If you’re not a consistent winner yet though the main reason is almost certainly that you simply are playing at a poker site that’s too tough to beat. The good news is that these real tough sites don’t take you anymore if you’re from the U.S. at least. If you’re not, well things have improved at the tough sites for sure, but even though a lot of the winning players have been shut out, you still need to ask yourself why you’d not want to play at an easier poker site to win money at like Carbon Poker. This is a particularly big question that you need to ask yourself if you’re not a winning player yet, and in fact you may never be if you don’t arrive at the correct answer to this question, which is that you need to be putting yourself in the best position you can if you care about winning or losing at all.

It Doesn’t Surprise Me At All That So Many Players Are Now Flocking To Carbon

Carbon Poker’s always had a lot of things going for it, and in fact has always been one of the best places to play online poker at since they started the poker room. For whatever reason, maybe because of the popularity or the marketing that these huge poker rooms always had, a lot of people haven’t even taken the time to shop around to see what’s out there in terms of alternatives. The grass may indeed be greener on the other side of the fence, but you’ll never find out if it is if you don’t look over it. The fact that you’re here tells me that you’re now ready to have a peek at least. Maybe it’s because you’re now forced to do so. I will tell you though that from my years of experience that you may have thought that this was a bad thing, but that’s not the case at all, as you will find out as you explore your options more.

It’s All About The Network

Instead of one huge poker site that attracts all the best online poker players, Carbon Poker is part of a large poker network, which is a collection of a number of online poker sites that share a common player base. The real key here is that many of these poker rooms are simply sidelines for sites that specialize in other forms of gambling. Check out just some of the sites on the network and you’ll see what I mean:, Bet On USA, Oddsmaker, Bed ED, The Sportsbook, Super Book,,, Best E Casino, Betting Express, Bet USA, Hollywood Sportsbook and Casino, Hail Mary, I, Linesmaker, My Sportsbook, Pro Bets,, Sports Fanatik… well you get the picture. If you are thinking that there is a lot of non poker players from all these sites trying to play poker, well you’re of course absolutely right.

So Is There Really That Much Difference Here?

Here’s what you need to be thinking about. Why would you want to play against a bunch of people who subscribe to Cardrunners and post on 2+2 when you can play against sports betters who are looking to gamble it up and know far less about what they are doing? Now this is nothing against sports bettors, I like to bet on sports myself and I’m pretty good at it, but from being so familiar with the scene I can tell you that generally speaking there’s a big difference in poker skills when comparing these guys with the kind of players who hang out at a site just dedicated to poker. Do I really need to tell you that this matters so much though?

Isn’t All The Good Players That Are Moving To Carbon And Other Sites Going To Water Things Down?

I’ll be honest with you, having more actual poker players at a poker site does make a difference. So the days may be over where you’d sit at a table with 4 or 5 complete fools who are bleeding off stack after stack and don’t know when to quit. What you need to remember though is that there are still a lot of fish to go around, and you need to compare this to the situation that you’d generally see at the bigger poker sites, where there would be one fish at a table and 8 sharks, and 15 or 20 sharks on the waiting list looking to try to get a piece of this single fish. This isn’t an exaggeration at all by the way. You’d hear a lot of people saying it’s tougher and tougher to beat the games and some predicted that soon they wouldn’t even be able to. This is only because when you put all good players and very very few fish together, it will be tough indeed. This isn’t the case at Carbon, and there will probably always be lots of fish to go around there.

So What About The Other Reasons To Play At Carbon Poker?

I’ve spent so much time talking about the differences in the competition at Carbon because this is so important, and it’s something that a lot of good players didn’t really understand. I think that the big multi-tabling thing has been like an addiction for a lot of players, and now at least they will have to kick the habit, at least somewhat, which will force them to open their eyes a bit more as far as what is really good for them. So as far as the other reasons, there’s the Carbon Poker Bonus which is 200% deposit bonus up to an additional $5000 if you use our link and the Carbon bonus code CARBONPK, and while pretty much every poker room offers that, it’s still some nice extra money that you can make while trying the place out.

They also offer some pretty good deposit and withdrawal options, and while things are still challenging for Americans here, it’s really not that tough to move money in and out. If you’re from other countries then of course things are a lot easier. They offer several of the popular e-wallets, take credit cards including pre-paid ones, and you can cash out by check if you need to. The game selection is good, there’s not the ton of tables that you might be used to, or anywhere close to that, but keep in mind that the site is growing fast and you don’t really need to play that many anyway. At a poker site like this you’ll find that you can just move up stakes instead, and there is plenty of fish at even the higher stakes at Carbon Poker, unlike the tougher poker sites. The software is more than decent, and the support is good.

I’ve Always Recommended Carbon Poker, And Nothing Has Changed There

Carbon Poker has always been a good place to have a poker account, and I’ve sent quite a few players there since they’ve been around, and have gotten some real good feedback. The thing I’ve really noticed though is how many of my students ended up telling me that this switch alone ended up turning their fortunes around and they were now beating the games, and loving it. With over 60 other poker rooms sending players there, many of which as I’ve mentioned aren’t even poker sites at all primarily, the action is juicer than what you’re probably used to, which is always a good thing of course. If you don’t have an account at Carbon Poker yet, this poker site is definitely worth a try, and chances are you’re probably really going to like it, and maybe even find a new home. While i have been playing here for years already, it was a pleasure to do my Carbon Poker review for 2011 again!

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